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CyberConnect2 CEO Shares .hack and Naruto Plans

.hack movie now has a final name.

From the .hack movie, which now has a final name.

CyberConnect2 held a talk event at its Tokyo studio on the 30th to commemorate the release of .hack series art book .hack//Archives_03. As reported at Famitsu.com, CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama shared a number of new details on .hack and CC2's games in general.

The .hack movie has been officially titled ".hack Sekai no Mukuo Ni," Matsuyama said. Unofficially, this can translate to "The Other Side of the World."

The movie's editing is mostly complete. They're doing such things as adjusting the 3D, for instance. As previously announced, the movie is due to hit theaters on January 21.

Matsuyama joked about future developments for the .hack series, saying "Next year, the movie will be released, and then... surely good things will happen... I'd like to think."

Outside of .hack, Matsuyama spoke about CC2's other games. He said that he'd just completed a promotional tour for Asura's Wrath, which had taken him to London, Paris and San Francisco. The game has been announced for release in North America on February 21 and Europe on February 24. Regarding a Japanese date, Matsuyama said that the game is planned for worldwide simultaneous release, but that we should wait for an official announcement from Capcom.

Matsuyama also mentioned the latest Naruto game, Super Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. This will be released in the first quarter of 2012, he said, adding that it won't be January. That would mean either February or March. Matsuyama joked that maybe it would be the same day as Asura's Wrath.

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