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Katamari Damacy Vita to Have Downloadable Maps with Collaborative Crap


Namco Bandai announced today "Yurukora," a promotion for the PlayStation Vita version of Katamari Damacy. This promotion will bring collaborative items to maps that will be offered for the game as download content.

The Katamari official site now has a campaign page where fans can enter the names of items, stars and groups they'd like to see featured in the game. The page is also open directly to organizations and stars who'd like to see themselves appear in the game.

Here are some sample images showing candy, toothpaste, a soccer team, a sumo wrestler, some stars, and a store.

Requests are being accepted through December 1. The winning selections will be announced in mid December and will be included in maps set for distribution starting in March 2012 or beyond. The fine print at the campaign page says that the maps will be distributed worldwide.

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