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Dynasty Warriors Online Has Ninja Gaiden Sigma Costumes


Yes, this is the second Ninja Gaiden crossover story this week. Earlier in the week, Famitsu got the first word on a Ninja Gaiden costume for Musou Orochi 2. While we've yet to get official online media for that crossover, Tecmo Koei has announced another crossover, this time between Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Dynasty Warriors Online.

To commemorate today's release of the Dynasty Warriors Online Souten Ranbu Fourth Anniversary Pack on PS3, Tecmo Koei kicked off a campaign that could earn you Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 costumes for your character. For a limited time, introduce a friend to the Dynasty Warriors Online, and both you and the friend will get either Ryu or Ayane costumes depending on the gender of your character.

The campaign runs through November 30. The costume will be delivered on December 15. For further details, and more info about outfits, see 4Gamer.

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