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Tales of Xillia Sells 740,000 Units

Latest Tales title tops Namco Bandai software sales for first six months of the year.


Namco Bandai raised its earnings expectations earlier in the week based in part on strong performance from Tales of Xillia. Today, we found out just how well the game did.

The company's midterm earnings report lists sales of 740,000 units for the PS3 RPG. This easily made it the top title from the company for the first six months of the fiscal year. It was followed by AKB1/48 If I Loved an Idol in Guam for PSP with 380,000 units, Taiko Drum Master Portable DX for PSP with 220,000 units, and One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP for 3DS with 210,000 units.

Sony platforms were dominant in Namco Bandai's business over the period. Of the 7,215,000 units software sold, PSP sold 1,931,000 units and PS3 1,784,000 units. DS followed with 1,137,000 units, with Xbox 360, 3DS and Wii trailing.

Not surprisingly, given that all the top games were exclusively released in Japan, Namco Bandai had greatest success in its home territory. Japan accounted for 4,084,000 unit sales, besting America's 1,915,000 and Europe's 1,099,000 units.

For the first six months of the year, Namco Bandai saw net sales of 194,241 million yen, an 11.9% increase over the same period the year prior. Last year, the company posted a net loss of 1,930 million yen. This year, it posted a net income of 8,026 million yen.

You can see Namco Bandai's full earnings report here.

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