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Sony Reducing PSP and PS3 Download Title Activation Count

Starting November 18, you'll be able to activate your games on just two systems.


Most PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable download titles can currently be activated and played on five systems. That's about to change.

Sony announced today that it will be reducing the activation count from five to two. The turning date is November 18 following a scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance.

Any game purchased after the 18th can be activated and played on only two PSPs and two PS3s. Any game purchased before then will continue to have the current five system count (in other words, the two system limitation will not apply to purchases made before 11/18).

Sony groups PlayStation Vita under the PSP limit, so the two activation PSP count includes the upcoming system

Going along with this change, Sony will be making the process of deactivating systems simpler. Previously, you could only activate and deactivate a PS3 or PSP through the system itself. Sony will be opening a PlayStation Network account management website, and you'll now be able to handle your activation and deactivation from there.

Sony said today that it is making this change out of consideration of balance between consumer convenience and content creator copyright protection.

Specifics on the November 18 PSN maintenance will be announced later.

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