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We posted some second hand impressions of FFXIII-2 last week. There was a big mistranslation in there that we thought we should probably correct since it's been a few days.

Our original story said that those with a FFXIII save file will get a special digest look back at the events of FFXIII. The previews our article was based of do not say this.

The FFXIII-2 title screen has an option called "Beginners Mansion." All players can select this for a narrated recap of the original FFXIII.

The "digest look" our previous story mentioned was in reference to what happens when you restart FFXIII-2 from a FFXIII-2 save file. You get a narrated look back at your adventure so far. The narrator changes between the various characters each time you restart the game.

Impress Watch's impressions say the recap also includes a digest version of previous "scenes." It's unclear if this means still pics or video. Regardless, the XIII-2 recaps do appear to be far more elaborate than the text recaps FFXIII provided as you waited for the game to load.

From what we can see, the various Japanese previews that were posted last week do not mention any bonuses for FFXIII players. That's not to say that the game won't have any bonuses, of course, so you may want to still hold on to that save file.

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