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Smash Bros. Creator Troubled By Sony Game Sharing Policy Shift


As the developer of Smash Bros. and Kid Icarus Uprising, Masahiro Sakurai is one of Nintendo's biggest developers. But his gaming tastes extend beyond Nintendo platforms.

Recently, Sakurai's Tweets have been Sony centric. It all began earlier in the week when he offered great praise for Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception. He described the game as incredible, and joked that it's extremely troubling that Naughty Dog is able to crank out one after another at such high level.

In a later tweet, he said that he's happy to hear Drake's signature "Aa, Kusso!" line. Uncharted players can probably figure out what that is in English.

Sakurai then turned his attention to Sony's upcoming PlayStation Network policy shift. As detailed on the 5th, Sony will be making the "game sharing" feature of PlayStation Network titles a bit less generous. Starting on the 18th, you'll only be able to share your download games between two systems rather than the current setting of five.

This is apparently of great concern to Sakurai, because he says that he has "around 10-or-so PSP systems." He said that he'll now have to select one as his main system.

A follower pointed out that it's rare for one to have to give an approximate number when saying how many systems they own. Sakurai replied that he also has a lot of DS and GBA systems.

Asked by a follower about how many versions of his home consoles he has, Sakurai replied that he finds himself wanting to buy a new system each time a board revision is made. For the PS3, however, he feels that due to the ability to play PS2 software, the first generation system is a must.

Back on the topic of Sony's game sharing policy shift, Sakurai feels that Sony's inclusion of PlayStation Vita under the PSP blanket could make things tough. Vita and PSP systems are both covered under the same two activation limit, so if you have a PSP and a Vita and you activate both systems, you'll have used up your full game sharing allotment. PS3 is kept separate, so if you have a game that's playable on both PS3 and the portable systems (like the Game Archives lineup for instance), you end up with a four system limit, two portables and two consoles.

Sakurai offered one suggestion to Sony: for games that are playable on both PS3 and PSP, it would be nice if games could be saved to the cloud (PlayStation Plus lets you store your saves in the cloud, but it's just for PS3). But regardless of this, he's just thankful that the games can be used on both systems (a statement that some -- not necessarily me, but some -- are taking as a shot at Nintendo's full split for Wii and 3DS Virtual Console games)

Sakurai's Tweets haven't been totally Sony centric. Here's the copy of Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3 he received from Square Enix (he thanked Square Enix for it, so I'm assuming it was a gift... unless he was just thanking them for making such a good game).

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