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More Details on From's Gundam UC PS3 Conversion


A few additional details have surfaced regarding From Software's PS3 adaptation of Gundam Unicorn. As detailed earlier, Gundam UC will cover the first three episodes of Unicorn and will include almost all Mobile Suits that appear in those episodes. Publisher Namco Bandai is planning a release for some time in Spring 2012.

Here are a few additional bits from an interview and feature in this week's Famitsu:

The developers are trying to give the game a feeling of speed. They're also putting effort into recreating the Mobile Suits, both with details and with a feeling of weight that makes the Mobile Suits feel real. For transformable Mobile Suits, you'll see the transformations take place right before your eyes -- no transition screen to cover up the details. Sunrise apparently expressed surprise at the level of detail in the Mobile Suit recreation.

The game will have an incredible amount of voice. The scenarios include cast members like Banagher, Marida and Frontal. These scenarios appear to be intertwined, as playing through a scenario for one character will unlock a scenario for another character.

The scenarios will be told in full CG, although it appears that some scenes will be shown in anime form as well.

Only a few gameplay details have been revealed so far. Famitsu mentions the "Sub Flight" system, where you can climb atop a Mobile Suit that can switch into flight form.

So why is From Software making Gundam UC? There's nothing really interesting to report here -- Namco Bandai just approached From and asked if they'd like to make a game based off Unicorn.

Of course, From has worked with Namco Bandai in the past. In addition to Namco Bandai serving as international publisher on Dark Souls and Armored Core V, From is the developer of the Another Century's Episode series.

In ACE, you could just mash away at the buttons and your mech would attack and switch between weapons. Gundam UC will give you the option of using an updated version of that simple control system.

Development on Gundam UC is currently at 70%.

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