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Tales of the Heroes Bonus Goodies

Plus, find out how you can vote on the ending theme song for a chibi Tales anime.


Joining the massive screenshot update we shared earlier, Namco Bandai has sent out pics and details for Tales of the Heroes' limited edition and bonus items.

The game's single production run Premium Box includes a calendar, an original book cover (perfect size for your paperbacks), a three disc drama CD set with over 120 minutes, a premium novel written by past Tales scenario writers, and other items.

Pre-order the game, either in standard or limited form, and you'll get a product code for downloading an original short anime. Titles "Tales of Gekijou" (Tales of Theater), this set of six three minute shorts features cute "chibi" vesions of the Tales characters.

Finally, some details on a unique promotion. Namco Bandai will be allowing fans to vote on the ending theme song for the Tales of Gekijou animation. Auditions and voting are being held on the Banafes! Town portal. You'll find additional details and pics of the candidates here.

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