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First Look: Gundam UC PS3

From makes a good looking game of Gundam.


Famitsu.com has posted first pics of the PS3 adaptation of Gundam UC. Take a look at From Software's handywork on the Gundam franchise below.

As detailed yesterday, the game covers the stories of the first three Gundam UC episodes and is played from the perspective of three characters.

Banagher Volume

The story is told from the perspective of Unicorn main character Banagher. You control Unicorn Gundam, switching between Unicorn Mode and Destroy Mode.

Frontal Volume

The story is told from the perpsective of the Frontal character, who pilots his Sinanju Mobile Suit.

Marida Volume

The story is told from the perpspective of ace pilot Marida, who pilots her Kshatriya Mobile Suit

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