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Kinect Compatible Nin-2 Jump Included in Cave Adventure Game Instant Brain


Cave and Makoto Asada's Xbox 360 adventure game Instant Brain hit retail today. While Cave spoiled the game's surprise DoDonPachi mini-game a few weeks back, it turns out there's another surprise.

Joining DoDonPachi, you'll find a game called "Nin-2 Brain." Nin-2 Brain is a version of Cave's Xbox Live Arcade scrolling action title Nin-2 Jump. Like DoDonPachi, it can be controlled through Kinect.

Of course, the main attraction of Instant Brain is its main adventure component. As previously detailed, you play as Zenya Barataki, a paparazzi who's known for his scoop photography. He has a secret behind his talent, though. His camera, which he calls "Exposure," can take pictures of people's memories of the past.

The game is split into chapters. Each chapter begins with a novel-like part detailing the background story of a crime scene. This is followed by an investigation part where you make use of your camera to solve the mysteries of the crime. The finale for each chapter has you use the photos you took to determine the truth behind the crime.

And somewhere along the way, you'll get to play Kinect compatible DoDonPachi and Nin-2 Jump.

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