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Falcom Sales and Earnings Up On Success of Ys and Legend of Heroes

Company plans further push for Legend of Heroes this year.


Falcom achieved increased sales and earnings this past fiscal year thanks to strong performance by the Ys and Legend of Heroes franchises.

In its annual earnings statement today, the company reported sales of 1,563 million yen for the one year period spanning October 2010 to September 2011. This is a 28.7% increase from the ¥1,214 million yen the year prior. Net earnings shot up 99.7% to 318 million yen.

As reason for the increases, the company mentioned strong sales of The Legend of Heroes and Ys Seven. For Legend of Heroes, in addition to Ao no Kiseki, which was released over the period, the company noted that sales of other titles in the Sora no Kiseki subseries that precedes Ao no Kiseki continued to grow.

Some of the accolades earned by Legend of Heroes this year.
Rising success for the Legend of Heroes series over the years.

For the current year, the company said that it plans on actively pursuing expanded sales for the Kiseki series. It will also release major titles that are currently in development.

Outside of traditional games, the company said said that it has projects under the SNS, smartphones and online fields that it plans on launching this year.

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