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Thinking about cheating Sony's system to get some cheap PSP games through the UMD Passport program? Based off Sony's official press release announcing the program, you may not be able to.

The fine print in Sony's press statement (see it here in Japanese) says that once you've registered a UMD with a PSN account it can't be registered with another PSN account.

Sony has not provided details on how it can determine if a UMD has been registered or not.

The official announcement also clarifies a couple of additional issues:

The downloadable game you get through the Passport program can, like other PSP games, be used not just on Vita, but on your PSP or PSP go.

Sony announced 40 compatible titles today, but said that it has around 200 planned for compatibility. The full list of titles that will be compatible at the start of the program will be announced at the PS Vita promotion site in mid November.

The program will begin on December 6. Of course, Vita doesn't actually see release until December 17.

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