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Aerith, Snow and Summons Appear in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy


Lightning, Cloud, Squall and the likes won't be on their own in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The latest issue of Jump reveals that the game will have sub characters from the games as well.

Here's what the sub cast looks like at present:

  • Final Fantasy XIII: Snow
  • Final Fantasy XI: Prishe
  • Final Fantasy IX: Vivi
  • Final Fantasy VII: Aerith
  • Final Fantasy V: Faris
  • Final Fantasy III: Cid
  • Final Fantasy I: Princess Sara

You'll be able to unlock these characters by collecting Crystal Fragments. Once unlocked, they can be added to your party just like the regular characters.

Jump also reveals that you can call out summons like Odin and Bahamut to aid in your rhythm battles.

[via Game Jouhou]

Correction: A previous version of this article listed Cid as being from Final Fantasy XIII. The Cid that appears in Theatrhythm is from Final Fantasy III

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