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Next up for Persona 4 following anime and manga conversions (and possibly before its fighting game conversion) is a stage adaptation. Atlus and Marvelous AQL announced today that they will be adapting the game for the stage.

The title of the stage version is Visualive Persona 4. Visualive is the name for a type of live entertainment that combines live performances with special effects. The event will be held by Marvelous AQL.

MAQL opened an information site for the event today, detailing the cast. The role of "main character" will be played by actor Toru Baba, who also appeared in MAQL's Prince of Tennis musicals. The name of his character will change with each performance. MAQL will be allowing fans to submit names for the character.

Visualive Persona 4 will be held from March 15 through March 20 at Sunshine Theater in Ikebukuro. Tickets run ¥7,000 to ¥10,000.

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