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Namco Bandai Hints at New Gundam VS Game

Company holding arcade sales briefing in December.

Gundam Extreme VS will be released for PS3 a few days before this event takes place.

Namco Bandai will soon be showing off the latest entry in the Gundam VS series, arcade game information site AM-Net reports today.

The site posted the contents of an invitation to Namco Bandai's 2011 Winter New Product Sales Meeting event. The invite mentions the following games for show at the event:

  • Gundam VS Series Latest Title
  • Dark Escape 3D
  • Taiko Drum Master (New Cabinet)
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 needs no introduction. Taiko Drum Master's cabinet revision was announced last week. Dark Escape 3D is a gun shooting game that was shown at the September AM Show (see Dengeki's coverage here).

The Namco Bandai arcade showcase will be held on December 8 and 9 in Tokyo, December 12 and 13 in Osaka and December 15 in Fukuoka. The event is invite only, but the Japanese press is often among the invite list to these types of things, so if a new Gundam VS game is announced we'll likely hear about it.

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