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The Guy in Charge of Metal Gear Solid Rising is Now on Twitter


Konami Digital Entertainment's Yuji Korekado is now on Twitter. Why does this matter? Let's let Hideo Kojima field that:

Writes Kojima, "It's Producer Korekado, who in charge of Rising. His nickname is Kore-P."

Will Kore-P be sharing Tweets about Metal Gear Solid Rising? It's unclear. Writes Korekado, "I'm currently deeply involved in two titles, Metal Gear solid Rising and Zone of the Enders HD Edition. ZOE HD's production is going well!" As for Rising, he said that he's scared about how much he should Tweet.

Clarification: As some have pointed out in the comments below, Rising's producer was originally announced as Shigenobu Matsuyama. In his Tweet, Kojima isn't saying that Korekado is producer of Rising, just that he's a producer. Also, rather than "in charge of Rising," a clearer translation may be "responsible for Rising" in that Korekado is one of the people who is responsible for the game, in addition to whoever else is responsible for it.

Briefly, it seemed that Korekado might have outed a 3DS version of Hideo Kojima classic Policenauts, as he wrote "I've been making games with director Kojima since the 3DS version of Policenauts." He quickly corrected 3DS to say 3DO.

Korekado first joined Konami 16 years ago as a programmer. His Twitter profile says that he's currently changing his job from programmer to producer.

Instead of safety first, the construction hat at Korekado's Twitter says quality first.
In case you've forgotten, this is what Metal Gear Solid Rising looks like.

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