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Make Your Nendoroid Into Your Wife with Nendoroid Generation's Bonus Item

Plus, battle system details for the cutest PSP game ever!


A big update at the Nendoroid Generation official site today reveals that the first print run of the PSP title will include a product code for a "Wedding Dress" costume. The site suggests that you use this item on the character you want to make into "My Wife." Perhaps there will be some changes to her skills and battle effects as well?

The official site also has details on the various gameplay systems, including combat.

Your battle party consists of four members, split into Attackers and Performers. Attackers directly attack enemies. The main role for Performers is support attacks and recovery. However, they can also do a "Dance" to change the parameters and skills of the attackers. You can select a variety of formations -- one attacker and three performers, or three attackers and one performer for instance.

Also central to combat is the game's Costume Change system, where you change your character into a costume to gain new skills. Check out Nurse Black Rock Shooter in this set of images.

Outside of battle, the game includes a "Dance Mode," where you simply watch the Nendoroids dance. The girls will be better at dancing depending on their parameters, and if they get a high score during the routine, they may unlock new costumes and skills. This isn't a rhythm game, though -- you're just watching.

Finally, there's the game's communication component. You can communicate with your Nendoroid, selecting from commands like "call out," "speak," "pet" and "play."

Be sure and visit the official site for additional screens, including a look at many of the characters.

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