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Namco Bandai Emphasizes Anime Style for God Eater 2


God Eater 2's announcement at the Tokyo Game Show wasn't itself a surprise, but the game's new art style did leave fans with some questions. The game looked more CGish, like this:

Some likened the character art to that of Final Fantasy Type-0. In contrast, the art from the original and God Eater Burst had an anime style, like this:

It appears that Namco Bandai may now be making a policy shift with the art style. A Famitsu preview this week shows anime styled character art. Additionally, the game's producer told the magazine that the team has received many questions from fans asking if they've dropped the anime look entirely. The team is aiming to make the actual in-game models look like a midway point between CG and anime, he said.

It's unclear if this means that Namco Bandai is actually reworking the in-game visuals in response to fan demands, or if the original in-game screenshots that were shared at TGS already reflected this policy.

These are what the in-game models looked like back at TGS:

And for comparison, here are some in-game shots from God Eater Burst.

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