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New Love Plus Delayed to 2012

3DS love sim now arriving on Valentines Day.


This year, digital boyfriends will be spending the holidays alone, or at most with the low res versions of their girlfriends. The official Love Plus Twitter was updated today with notice that New Love Plus will not make its originally planned December release date. According to the Tweet, the game needs more time for final adjustments.

Konami appears to be making the most of the delay. The game will now arrive on February 14, Valentine's Day. This is a Tuesday, making it a bit out of the ordinary for a game release (most games are released on Thursdays).

The delay and new date announcement were later posted to the game's official site, along with a message from producer Akari Uchida. In the message, Uchida says that he and the team are working to make sure that February 14, 2012 will be the ultimate Valentine's Day.

The delay applies to the myriad of New Love Plus product, including the 9 hardware bundle variations, the art book sets, and the original soundtrack. These are now scheduled for release on February 14.

The New Love Plus Collection of Pictures picture collection, which was originally scheduled for release on February 14, is now due for release on March 22.

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