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Sneak Peak at the Resident Evil Revelations Bonus DVD


Capcom is including a bonus DVD with Resident Evil Revelations. Today, we got a first look via the game's official site. Access the site for a preview trailer.

Titled "Revelations Report," the DVD includes forty minutes of footage split across four sections: Jessica's Report, Official Trailer Collection, Development Team Interviews and Edge Artists Meet Biohazard Revelations.

Here's a section-by-section look.

Jacket sleeve and Title Menu

Jessica's Report

An all new movie featuring a look at Revelations from Jessica, a new character for the game.

Development Team Interviews

Edge Artsits Meet Resident Evil Revelation

This special video features KenKen from rock band Rize and talent Kyarypamyupamyu (shown here dressed in teddy bears) reviewing the game and sharing techniques.

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