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First Look: Great Battle Fullblast and Battle Dodgeball 3


Famitsu.com has delivered a first look at Great Battle Fullblast, the new PSP entry in the Compatible Heroes series, and the new version of Battle Dodgeball that's included with the limited edition.

The site mentions a couple of of additional points about the game:

We initially wrote that this is a 20th anniversary title for the Compatible Heroes series. It's actually a 20th anniversary title for the Great Battle series, a series of Super Famicom titles.

As detailed earlier, you form a party of three characters from the game's six playable cast. You can switch between the three with the L and R buton.

You also select four assist characters to aid you in combat. The game includes a total of 36 assist characters, along with six bonus characters available as download content with the first print run.

The images below also include a first look at Battle Dodgeball 3, also a revival of a Super Famicom classic series. This does not look like it's getting its own release, though, as it's being included in Great Battle's "Twin Battle Box" limited edition, which also includes a soundtrack, a special box, and a booklet commemorating the Great Battle 20th anniversary.

Visit Famitsu.com for even more screens and cute SD art.

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