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Check Out the Animeish Stylings of God Eater 2


Famitsu.com has shared some of the screens and art from Weekly Famitsu's look at God Eater 2, allowing us to see the anime-ish art style that's a bit more reminiscent of the original than the Final Fantasy Type-0 style art that was released back at Tokyo Game Show.

The characters shown here are newcomers Julius (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa) and Ciel (voice by Mamiko Noto). Both are members of the Blood special forces. Ciel, the younger of the two -- she's 16 and Julius is 20 -- acts as a bodyguard for Julius.

Also in the screens below, you'll find art and screens for Ukon Basara, a new mid sized Aragami creature who uses electricity as his primary attack. This electricity is apparently generated by the turbine-like thing on his back.

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