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Hideo Kojima and Team Kojipro Send off Metal Gear Solid HD in Yokohama and Osaka Next Week

Kojima and Snake at the Yokohama Peace Walker launch event last year.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD's release was surprisingly low key. No retail appearances by Hideo Kojima and luscious sidekick Yumi Kikuchi, which has become somewhat of a tradition for Metal Gear related releases.

It looks like Konami was just waiting for Metal Gear Solid HD's release. Kojima and his fellow Kojipro staffers will appear at launch events in Yokohama and Osaka next week to send off the HD remakes.

The Yokohama event will take place at 10:00 on November 23 (a holiday) at the Yodobashi Camera outside Yokohama Station and will feature Kojima, luscious sidekick Kikuchi, Solid Snake voice Akio Otsuka and The Boss voice Kikuko Inoue

The Osaka event will be held that same day at 16:00 at the LABI in Nanba. This one will feature just Kojima and luscious sidekick Kikuchi.

Both events will consist of a talk show, a signing and a raffle. For the signing, you an use either your copy of MGS Peace Walker HD, MGS HD or have Kojima sign a signing sheet that Konami will provide.

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