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Tales of Xillia Getting Anime Conversion

Upcoming issue of Tales series magazine to have cover for "Tales of Xillia The Animation."

The PS3 version of Xillia had high quality animation from Ufotable

7-Eleven is at it again, revealing unannounced megatons through listings for upcoming magazines (you'll recall that this is how we first learned of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker).

The latest leak (see the listing here) is for the upcoming issue of the Tales series focused Viva Tales of Magazine. The magazine's January 2012 issue, due for release on November 28, will apparently have Tales of Xillia The Animation on its cover.

Namco Bandai has not yet announced an anime conversion for Xillia, so assuming "Tales of Xillia The Animation" actually is an anime conversion for the PS3 title, we'll probably get an official announcement before the 28th.

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