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Metal Gear Solid Rising Producer Change Confirmed

Shigenobu Matsuyama has been replaced by Yuji Korekado. Title to be shown at December event.

It looks like Matsuyama has been 'cut' from the project. Ho ho!

Kojima Productions producer Kenichiro Imaizumi has confirmed via Twitter that Metal Gear Solid Rising's producer is no longer Shigenobu Matsuyama. Yuji Korekado has taken his place as producer.

According to Imaizumi's post, Matsuyama has moved to a different division. He did not share specifics beyond this.

Concern about Matsuyama's role on Rising surfaced earlier this week when Korekado got a Twitter account and Kojima Productions head Hideo Kojima referred to him as "the person in charge of Rising." It was unclear if this meant that Korekado was now fully in charge of the game or if Kojima was just saying that he was one of many people in charge. Earlier today, however, a Tweet from Kojima referred to Korekado as "main producer."

Rising should be resurfacing in early December at the Spike Video Game Awards in America. The show official blog has confirmed that the game will be at the event. Korekado also confirmed the appearance via Twitter.

While Korekado is also working on Zone of the Enders HD, it seems that his followers are particularly interested in Rising. He Tweeted yesterday that the most frequent message he sees is "I can't wait for Rising." This is followed by "When will Rising be released? Give me more information!"

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