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Valkyria Chronicles 3 Sound Drama "Sky" Available at Official Site

Drama included as new event in VC3 Extra Edition release.


Valkyria Chronicles fans can reunite with the characters of Valkyria Chronicles 3 at the game's official site today. The site is now host to "Sora" (Sky), an original sound drama featuring the main cast members of the PSP title.

The drama's story takes place in October 1935 after the death of Gusurg. Kurt, Riela and Imca are holding a funeral for Gusurg when they're visited by someone claiming to be his little sister.

In a message sent to the press today, Valkyria Chronicles series producer Shinji Motoyama revealed that the drama was originally intended to be performed live at an event that was to be held on March 13. The event was cancelled following the events from earlier in the month.

The reason the drama is at last coming out now is because Valkyria Chronicles 3 Extra Edition is due for release next week. This budget version of VC3 includes additional content, including an in-game event conversion of the Sora drama.

Motoyama suggested that those who pick up Extra Edition compare the in-game arranged version with the downloadable version which features the voice performances in their original form.

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