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PSP Maid Game Has Downloadable Maids, Hoola Hoops, Pom Poms and Rodeo Machines


Spike's Gachitora offshoot Maid Paradise is more than just a maid cafe sim. It's also a maid cafe sim with pricey download content.

900 yen will get you a new maid, Moe Asami:

Here's Moe standing with the other maids, and with Gachitora main character Tora.

Tora is actually the main character of Maid Paradise too. He's come to the Maid Paradise maid cafe to bring it back to life as it loses business to the newly opened "Touch Maid Land."

Moe, who also appeared in the main Gachitora game, comes with the privilege of being able to download items that should help out in your attempt to lure customers back from Touch Maid Land. You'll have to pay extra, though.

500 yen will get you photography accessories like pom poms, a rodeo machine and a hoola hoop. That's 500 yen each.

These items are for use when taking pictures of the maid. The controls shown on the screen are for controlling the camera.

Moe also has access to new outfits like the cheerleader uniform, wild cat, and "cute bath towel." These are also 500 yen each.

Total cost for Moe and the whole set of download goods: 3,900 yen. Maid Paradise on its own costs 1,800 yen.

Here are some more pics of Moe and some of the other features of the game, including a massage component.

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