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Resident Evil Revelations Producer Introduces 3DS Title at Retailer Briefing


Resident Evil Revelations was one of the highlights at a Nintendo retailer briefing event today. Nintendo had producer Masachika Kawata directly introduce the game to attendees.

As reported at the Sinobi retailer blog, Kawata boasted that the game makes full use of the 3DS hardware abilities to deliver top class visuals for the system.

Kawata also noted that while the game is a portable title, it's not a light or simple entry in the series. The staff, which includes many members of the staff that worked on Resident Evil 5, are aiming for a level of completion that matches that of the main numbered games.

Players can look forward to over 10 hours play time just to clear the main game, said Kawata. After you beat the game, you'll unlock a Raid Mode which supports online co-op play and gives you access to characters like Jessica and Obrian, who aren't playable in the main game.

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