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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy May Have Downloadable Songs

Just in case the 50 default songs isn't enough...


With over 50 songs from past Final Fantasy games, 3DS rhythm title Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is already packed with content right out of the box. But more content could be on the way post release.

Retailer Sinobi delivered brief impressions of the game from a Nintendo retail briefing event yesterday. Sinobi reports that Square Enix is planning on offering post release download music for the game.

Based off Sinobi's writeup, it's unclear if Square Enix actually formally announced the availability of download music to the retailers, or if it's something Sinobi either heard from an attendant or conjectured based off the demo build.

We'll have to wait for Square Enix to make formal announcement. Famitsu is promising a Kingdom Hearts 3DS update next week, so it's possible that we'll get a followup on Theatrhythm as well (Square Enix coverage usually occurs in groups).

Assuming the game does actually get download music, the big question will be paid or free. Nintendo's 3DS billing system should be in place by the game's February 16 release date.

Sinobi seemed impressed impressed from his brief play session at the Nintendo briefing event, describing the game as being greatly removed from the expectations he'd had before playing. All three types of gameplay, the event music stages, the field music stages, and the battle music stages, are well done, he said. The game also has a mode where you can just listen to the music continuously.

Relive past Final Fantasy scenes.

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