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First Look: Dead or Alive Musou

Ayane appears in Musou Orochi 2.


For the next entry in our misleading headline series, we have a look at a crossover between Musou Orochi 2 and Dead or Alive.

Following the announcement of a crossover with Ninja Gaiden that will bring Ryu Hayabuysa into the Orochi series sequel, Tecmo Koei has announced a crossover with Dead or Alive for the Ayane character.

Here's Ayane in Musou Orochi 2:

As the story goes, following the fourth Dead or Alive tournament, Ayane falls into a bend in the space time continuum and ends up in the world of Musou Orochi 2.

While Ayane is also a Ninja Gaiden character, Tecmo Koei refers to this as a Dead or Alive collaboration, possibly because of this collaborative beach stage:

Ayane is joined this week by Nemea, a character from the Zill 0'll series, who appears along with a collaborative Kyushu stage.

In addition to the collaborations, Tecmo Koei provided a look at the game's Treasure Box limited edition, and some event scenes. The Treasure Box, priced ¥12,800, includes a desktop calendar, an original soundtrack and a download code for an original weapon.

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