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Namco Bandai Dissolving Tales Studio

Studio to be absorbed back into Namco Bandai Games fold.


Namco Bandai Games announced today that it will be absorbing its Namco Tales Studio subsidiary. The studio will be officially disolved following the transaction, which is scheduled to take effect on January 1 following board approval on November 29.

The company did not give a reason in its brief announcement of the move today. You can see that announcement here (PDF, Japanese).

Namco Tales Studio is a wholly owned Namco Bandai Games subsidiary that is responsible for the Tales of series of games and was formed on March 20, 2003. According to the studio's corporate website, the studio has 109 employees as of April 1, 2011.

Given that Namco Bandai has multiple Tales games and product in production, it's likely that the studio will continue its work, but will just cease to exist as public company. We'll have to wait for further details from Namco Bandai as to what will happen to the Namco Tales Studio name itself.

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