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FIFA World Class Soccer PlayStation Vita Screens and Details


Electronic Arts shared screens and details today for PlayStation Vita's first FIFA title, FIFA World Class Soccer.

World Class Soccer puts the system's touch interface to use. You can aim your shots precisely by pointing via the rear touch pad. You can also perform more accurate passes via the front touch screen, which is also used for free kick controls. During defense, you can tap a particular defender to take control, reducing some of the vagueness of auto switching.

Other features include:

  • Career Mode
  • Be a Pro, where you create your own player
  • Tournament Mode, where you try out over 50 real tournaments
  • 11 versus 11 online play
  • Training Mode
  • Real stadiums and over 500 official clubs

FIFA World Class Soccer is due for Japanese release in Spring 2012, priced ¥5,980. EA will be giving the game a full Japanese localization, with Japanese voices and text.

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