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Sega's Hastune Miku x Virtual On Fei-Yen Collaboration is Now a Figure


Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend's crossover that paired Hatsune Miku with Fei-Yen, also known as the Chun-Li of Virtual On, can be taken out of the screen and placed on your shelf, if you're willing to part with ¥5,040.

Tamashii Nations is releasing a model based off Miku's Fei-Yen module. Here's a sneak peak at Composite Ver.Ka, as the model is known.

Here's the module from Project Diva Extend for comparison.

According to the product information page, Composite Ver.Ka was created based off the "Fei-Yen HD" drawing that Virtual On mecha designer Hajime Katoki created for a Virtual On feature in anime magazine New Type. Here's the original drawing:

Composite Ver.Ka will be released some time this month.

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