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Falcom Eyes PlayStation 3 Support

CEO says sights are set on PS3, although development continues on PSP and Vita.


Are you tired of playing Falcom games on the go? We may at long last see Falcom back on an in-home platform (you'll recall that they used to be PC exclusive). In an interview in Dengeki PlayStation this week, CEO Toshihiro Kondo said that the company has its sights set on supporting PlayStation 3.

This doesn't mean that Falcom will be abandoning portables, of course. Kondo's comment about PS3 came during a status update that was part of a post mortem conversation about the recent Legend of Heroes PSP game. Kondo also said that development on the PlayStation Vita version of Ys is progressing well, and reminded us that the company will release a PSP game next year.

Sokuho@Hokanko hasn't provided its usual detailed summary of the interview, so it's possible that we'll get additional details later.

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