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Tales of Xillia Gets Miniskirt Santa Outfits

... and other bits about Hatsune Miku, Suikoden, Monster Hunter and Hideo Kojima in Famitsu.

The Xillia cast gets festive with the latest DLC.

Did the New Love Plus delay take your holiday cheer? You'll almost surely get it back on the 1st as Namco Bandai releases mini skirt Santa Clause outfits for Tales of Xillia. These outfits and their holiday spirit can be yours for ¥300 each.

Other little bits from Famitsu this week include:

The new PSP entry in the Suikoden series will have six member parties.

Monster Hunter 3G will include Street Pass support for beaming out your Guild Card to other players.

Sega's Hastune Miku Project Mirai for 3DS is due for release on March 8, priced ¥6,090. That's the same date as Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D.

Kemko will be releasing a PlayStation Vita game called Assault Armies at the budget price of ¥1,980. The game's release date is TBA.

G.rev is developing a 3DS shooting game called... umm, I think maybe Kouga? Here's the Japanese if someone with better skills than me wants to try it out: 哭牙.

Famitsu confirmed that Gladiator Versus is as terrible as it looked, scoring the game a 6, 6, 6, and 5.

Some big features for next week's Famitsu. Hideo Kojima will hold a dialogue with Yuichi Nakamaru. Toshihiro Nagoshi will hold a dialogue with Kazuya Yoshii. The two people who may not recognize are singers.

In addition to the features, the magazine will come with gloves that can be worn even when you're using a touch screen.

Closing off this week's first ever Famitsu mini bits story, here are some pics that Hideo Kojima shared from the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition Commercial Announcement Press Conference. Yes, it looks like Konami held a whole press conference just for the game's commercials (although they did also take the opportunity to announce the Snake Eater 3D date).

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