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Metal Gear Solid Launch Event Draws 500 Fans

Konami celebrates HD Edition's release (and Solid Snake's birthday).

The line outside Yokohama Yodobashi early today. (Photo from Kojima Productions).

The Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker launch event last year at Yodobashi Camera in Yokohama was packed with fans. Konami seems to have drawn even more interest for the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition launch event, which was held early morning today at the same location.

Famitsu.com reports that over 500 fans gathered outside the Yodobashi Camera main entrance for a talk show, raffle and signing. Appearing at the event were Hideo Kojima, and voice actors Yumi Kikuchi, Akio Otsuka and Kikuko Inoue.

"It's packed with content, so please play it though next year," said Kojima, adding jokingly "We won't release a new entry until then." He also hinted at festivities for the Metal Gear series' 25th anniversary next year, saying "Next year is Metal Gear's 25th anniversary, so we'll have something... probably. Please play until then."

The voice actors recalled some episodes from their past recording session. Otsuka, voice of Snake, said that the recording for the original Metal Gear left the biggest impression on him, as it he'd never had to speak so much for a part before. Even after recording the main dialogue, the voice com lines kept on increasing.

Adding new lines is apparently a common practice for Kojima. Inoue recalled that during Metal Gear Solid 4's recording, she was recording lines for Sunny until just before the game went gold.

The raffle that followed featured a bunch of signed items, including a poster signed by the guests and art director Yoji Shinkawa (who wasn't in attendance), a signed copy of the recently released Metal Gear Notebook, and a signed copy of the art book that comes with HD Edition's premium package.

The pics on this page are from the Kojima Productions Twitter and Hideo Kojima himself. Visit Famitsu.com for more shots.

The Metal Gear staff prepared a Solid Snake cake for Snake voice actor Akio Otsuka's birthday.
Following the Yokohama signing, Kojima and Kikuchi took the Shinkansen down to Osaka for another launch event, shown here.

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