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Famitsu.com has posted first screenshots of Kokuga, which was revealed in the site's print counterpart this week as a new 3DS shooter from G.Rev.

In Kokuga, you take control of a tank and blast away at enemies from an overhead perspective. This isn't like the bullet hell shooters that have dominated the shooting genre of late, though. Your tank can only fire one blast at a time. You can't fire again until the shot has left the screen.

"Kokuga" is the name of the tank you control. You're part of a task force charged with saving your country, A Country, from the neighboring E Country.

You move your ship around the play field with the slide pad. B fires your main gun, and L and R rotate your turret.

The game has a total of fifteen stages, labeled A through L plus three stages labeled Final 1, 2 and 3. These are laid out on a pyramid chart. You're free to select your starting point amongst the lettered stages. After clearing one stage, you can advance to one of the neighboring stages.

To beat the game, you have to just clear one of the final stages. This means that it's possible to clear the game by selecting A for instance and then advancing immediately to Final 3. This will allow for short play sessions for those who want. If you've cleared one stage, you can also try it out with higher difficulty, as the game has three difficulty levels.

Prior to starting a stage, you're given a set of 20 cards. From these, you can select four to place on the lower screen. The cards come in two varieties, attack types which let you use special weapons, and support cards, which let you do such things as give power to fallen allies. To use a card, you just tap it. Once used, the card will be replaced by another card from the deck of 20 at random.

Kokuga will support four player simultaneous play, and download play meaning you'll just need one copy of the game for multiplayer sessions.

G.Rev is planning a Spring 2012 release for the game.

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