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Namco Bandai Dominated Software Sales in October

AKB1/48, Ace Combat and Idolmaster give company 30% of all software sales.

AKB1/48 and its sequel let you play make believe stud with the girls of AKB48.

Thanks to games like AKB1/48, Ace Combat Assault Horizon and and Idolmaster 2, Namco Bandai was the top grossing publisher in October. Enterbrain statistics for September 26 through October 30 show that Namco Bandai took in 29.4% of all software sales for the month, putting it in first place for the second month in a row. In September, the company had seen a boost from Tales of Xillia.

Square Enix was second in October with 14.6%. Despite only releasing three games over the period, one of those games was Final Fantasy Type-0.

After Square Enix came Nintendo with 12.3%, Konami with 11.5% and Falcom with 4.5%. Due to strong sales of Legend of Heroes Ao no Kiseki, its only title for the month, Falcom jumped from 40th place last month to 5th place this month.

Closing out the top 10 were Tecmo Koei, Capcom, From Software, Spike and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan in that order.

Visit Famitsu.com for a pie chart showing the shares.

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