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God Eater 2 Update

Sexy Alyssa, and the latest Aragami and weapons.


Namco Bandai released the latest screens and details for God Eater 2 today.

First off, check out Alyssa, returning from the original, a bit more mature.

Alyssa will hook up with you as a partner character in the game's newly added "High Difficult Missions." These missions are primarily meant for multiplayer play. They're even tougher than past Challenge Missions, and will see unique Aragami creatures, and unique NPCs, like Alyssa, who won't appear in the game's story missions.

Namco Bandai hints that other characters from the original will appear GE2 as well.


Today's update includes screens of two new characters, Julius (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa) and Ciel (voiced by Mamiko Noto). Both are members of Blood, a special forces division formed from third generation God Eaters. Julius is 20 and the head of the Blood unit. Ciel is 16 and serves as Julius's body guard.


We were previously shown new weapons like the Boost Hammer and Charge Spear. GE2 also updates past weapons like the Short Blade, Long Blade and Buster Blade. There are also a bunch of other weapons, whose designs you can see below.

Yes, this is a 'Short' Blade.


The latest Aragami is the crocodile-like Ukon Basara. He's shown here along with a new field, Reimie no Boutou (I'm going to guess "Dead City at Dawn").

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