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The PS3 version of Ni no Kuni will likely follow its DS counterpart and see heavy discounts from retailers.

With first week sales of 65,000 units, it may have seemed that the PS3 version of Ni no Kuni wasn't performing to expectations. Media Create seems to confirm this suspicion today with word that the game sold through just 40% of retail stock.

The other major Japanese release for the week, One Piece Gigant Battle 2 sold 120,000 units, but this was also just 45% of stock. The first Gigant Battle sold 134,000 units in its first week in September of last year.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, the top selling game for the week, sold 179,000 units on PS3 alone. This was 75% of stock, which is usually as high as sell-through rates go before we hear of repots of sellouts. MW3 outsold its predecessors. Black Ops sold 125,000 in its first week last year, and Modern Warfare 2 sold 104,000 units in its first week in 2009.

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