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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Pinocchio and Hunchback Stages


Famitsu.com has posted screens of the Pinocchio and Hunchback stages from Kingdom Hearts 3D. We already shared the details here based off coverage in last week's Jump. Take a look at the new media below.

Pranksters' Paradise -- Pinocchio World

La Cité des Cloches -- The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Battle & Dream Eaters

These battle shots show the game's Dream Eaters, which serve as both companions and enemies.

When facing off against a large Dream Eater, under certain circumstances you can use a "blow off" command to send the foe flying off.

Sora's team attack with his Dream Eaters. He directly interacts with them, and can ride them and grab on to them.

Riku's team attack with his Dream Eaters -- he takes a more indirect approach, drawing the power from his Dream Eater and converting it into elemental attacks and so-forth.

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