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Dynasty Warriors Next: Special Modes for PlayStation Vita


Tecmo Koei will be showing off some of the PlayStation Vita's unique control inputs in its launch title, Dynasty Warriors Next. The game has a Yuugi Mode (Play Mode) with four mini games, all of which use the system's touch controls and other features.

The mini games include:

Musou Snap, where you take a picture with a Dynasty Warriors Next general or item. You can also add markings and text to the images.

A horse racing mini game that uses the gyro sensor. As you race to the goal, you'll need to clear obstacles that block your path, and can make use of items that slow down time and make you invincible.

Iron Wall, where you use the Vita's touch and motion sensors to defeat attacking enemies. You flick and touch to strike the enemies, and shake the system for special attacks.

A first person gun shooting game that uses the system's gyro sensor for aiming, and rear touch pad for firing.

A kanji game where you attempt to finish incomplete kanji characters using the front touch screen.

Joining the mini games, Tecmo Koei provided a look at the game's four player cooperative play mode. This mode is ad-hoc based and includes four courses. As your character, you can use one of the game's generals, or a general that you've created in edit mode. At the end of the mode, you're given a rank of S, A, B, C or D. Depending on the rank, you'll earn weapons and items.

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