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PlayStation Vita uses the PowerVR SGX543MP4+ as its GPU. So what does the "+" mean?

4Gamer posed this question to Imagine Technologies' PR director David Harold and Power VR business development head Kristof Beets at the Embedded Technology 2011 expo, which was held at Pacifico Yokohama earlier this month.

Harold told the site that the "+" is an expansion that was cooperatively developed with Sony Computer entertainment. It's an exclusive specification just for Sony Computer Entertainment, so in general the SGX543MP4+ will not be used in other product.

So what exactly does the "+" bring to the system? Harold wouldn't say. However, he added that the "+" is not just something that means the SGX543MP4 is optimized for the PlayStation Vita CPU or architecture, as they wouldn't attach a "+" to a brand in this case. The "+" here includes game system specific optimizations and expansions that were developed jointly between SCE and Imagine Technologies.

4Gamer also has comments from Howard and Beets on other PowerVR developments. View the 4Gamer report here.

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