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Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Sumioni Dates, Perfect Score for Elder Scrolls, and More From Famitsu


Those Famitsu leaks from earlier in the day appear to be legit, so count on seeing an Unreal Engine powered Square Enix title on consoles, Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid 2 HD as the next PS3 Remaster, and a package release for Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.

Joining all that, here are a few additional bits that have surfaced from the magazine:

Famitsu's editors have awarded their latest perfect score. This time, an overseas game finally managed to cross the 39 barrier and received a perfect 40 as Famitsu's four person review crew each scored The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim a 10. The game sees PS3 and Xbox 360 release on the 8th.

The magazine provides a final release date for one of the most eye catching PlayStation Vita titles. Acquire's ink-themed Sumioni will be released on February 8, priced ¥5,229.

Sumioni will be Acquire's second Vita game following launch title Shinobido 2

Also due for release in February is Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, also for Vita. This is priced ¥6,090. The magazine does not provide an exact date.

Correction: We got our Sigmas and 3s mixed up earlier. The Ninja Gaiden game with the February date is the Vita version of Sigma, not Ninja Gaiden 3. We've corrected the text above.

Finally, the latest visual novel news. Robotics;Notes is due for Spring release on PS3 and Xbox 360. 5pb. will also be porting Steins; Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling from Xbox 360 to PSP. The portable version is due in 2012.

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