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A Few Bits About Square Enix's Unreal Engine Action RPG

Square Enix wants programmers, planners and designers for massive project.


As reported here earlier today, Square Enix is working on an original action RPG project that makes use of the Unreal Engine. A few additional bits have surfaced from Famitsu's reveal feature.

The new game is being developed internally at Square Enix under the eye of Ryutaro Ichimura. Ichimura's exact role on the game is unclear, but he's usually a producer.

While the game goes unnamed in the magazine, it will not be a Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy game.

In comments shared with Famitsu, Ichimura reveals that he and the game's staff traveled the world for the past two years and conducted user surveys to research art and gameplay direction for the game. They've finalized the basics.

Famitsu shows image art for what appears to be a main character, heroine, rival and boss. No solid details are provided, so these are just guesses.

It looks like Famitsu's reveal article is meant to be part of a staff solicitation to join the current core team of 35. Square Enix is looking for planners, programmers (network, 3D graphics, physics, animation) and designers (art, motion, VFX, background modeling and character modeling).

We'll likely get official announcement of the project and the job solicitation later this week.

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