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Atlus will be bringing the Inazuma Eleven Go anime to arcades through Inazuma Eleven Go Battle Stadium. Announced today, the game will be available for play in arcades on December 21.

Battle Stadium is a card-based soccer game. You create a four player team and face off against either a CPU or human opponent. Your players are selected via cards, which you read into the machine.

The first round of player cards will include 42 varieties. Typical for these types of games, each time you play, you'll be given one card in return.

You can also purchase a 630 yen memory card to create an original character, setting name, age, physical appearance, position, and uniform.

This isn't the first time Atlus has dealt with the Inazuma Eleven series. Atlus released Inazuma Eleven Bakunetsu Soccer Battle to arcades in July of last year. Battle Stadium is a followup to that, making use of the same "Inappu" cards/chips.

The game's release is being timed with the Inazuma Eleven Go movie, which hits theaters on December 23. Characters from the movie will appear in the game.

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