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The Dizzying Ridge Racer Vita Download Content Schedule


A detailed summary of Famitsu's report on Ridge Racer's download content was posted at Sokuho@Hokanko. See if you can follow this schedule:

December 22: Visual Demo Appli, Music Pack 1 R4#1 and Music Pack 2 R4#2. These are all free. The Visual Demo Appli is the playable demo that was shown at E3 2011. The music packs include music from R4.

January 12: Music Pack 3 Ridge Racer V #1, Music Pack 4 Ridge Racers #1 -- Free (Ridge Racers is the name of the first PSP Ridge Racer game)

January 19: Music Pack 5 Ridge Racers #2 -- Free

January 26: Music Pack 6 Ridge Racers #3 -- Free

February 2: Music Pack 7 Ridge Racer 6 #1 -- Free

February 9: Music Pack 8 Ridge Racer 6 #2 -- Free

February 16: Ridge Racer Pass. Priced ¥1,600, this lets you purchase all the download content that will be released between February and May. Through February 29, this will be discounted to ¥1,000.

February 23: Car 1 Promessa, priced ¥250, and Course 1 Old Central, priced ¥400. These two will be free through February 29. Also due on the 23rd is Music Pack 10 Ridge Racer 7 #1, also free.

March 3: Cars 2 to 4, priced ¥250 each, and Course 2 and 3, priced ¥400 each. Music Pack 11 to 15, available for free. A "Medley" will also be released, priced ¥100.

April to May: Cars 5 to 8, priced ¥250 each, and Course 4 to 6 priced ¥400, Music Pack 16 to 19 free, and New Song Pack 2 and Medley 2 for ¥100 each.

Famitsu does not list a "New Song Pack 1" anywhere.

Can you figure out how much all the DLC will cost if purchased individually?

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