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New Love Plus Demo Self Destructs After 30 Plays

Plus, check out all the New Love Plus goods from 7-Eleven.


To get the New Love Plus demo on December 8, you'll need to go to a Tokyo-based 7-Eleven, as 7-Eleven's new 7-Spot download service will initially be available exclusively in Tokyo.

Everyone else will have to wait until the demo is released to the Nintendo e-Shop. Since our earlier report on the demo, Konami has confirmed that the demo will at some point be available to the masses via the e-Shop, but it did not provide a specific date.

Konami's official announcement of the demo also came with notice that the demo will come with a 30 play limit. After you've played the demo 30 times, you won't be able to play it further. It's unclear if this is a limitation just for the New Love Plus demo, or if all Nintendo e-Shop demos will have similar limitations.

The New Love Plus demo will be available at 7-Eleven from December 8 through December 21.

As we detailed earlier, the demo will be joined by a couple of other 7-Eleven promotions, including a New Love Plus Stamp Collection stamp rally, and a set of limited edition New Love Plus Nintendo Prepaid Cards. As part of the stamp rally, if you collect five stamps, you'll receive a New Love Plus sticker. The prepaid cards will be exclusive to 7-Eleven's Tokyo locations. You can see pics of all the items below.

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