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PlayStation Vita's First Love Sim Has a Release Date

Another February release, this time for Little Busters Converted Edition port.


When you're not playing ninja dog in Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus's Hero Mode, you can romance some extremely giant eyed girls in PlayStation Vita's first love adventure game. Prototype's Little Busters! Converted Edition has a release date of February 23, a listing at retailer Ami Ami revealed today.

Little Busters originated as a 2007 PC love adventure game from Key. It was brought over to PS2 and PSP respectively in 2009 and 2010. The franchise has also expanded into comics and books.

Screens from the Vita version of Converted Edition.

The Vita version ups the resolution for 960x544, ahead of even the PC version's 800x600 resolution. All the background artwork from the game can be set to your Vita's wallpaper. Also new for the Vita is a touch control interface for the game's mini games. Fans of past Little Busters versions can also look forward to a first physical appearance from Aa-chan, the dormitory head who's thus far appeared in only voice form.

Screens from the Vita version of Converted Edition.

We shared a bunch of screens from the game back in August. See this story for a full look.

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